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Circle Groups meet every other week or monthly depending on the intention/purpose of the group (3-4 hrs).  All Drumming and Healing Power Circles meet in the Los Angeles Area.

(EastSide L.A. and/or Harbor-Wilmington)


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Sacred Space Drumming Circles

In our Sacred Space Drumming Circle we drum, rattle, journey, heal, learn, and commune. We talk and practice Curanderismo and Cultural Healing Ways.  We connect to our inner sacred space and guidance.  Consider your intentions for joining us. What would you like to release and receive? Let's Connect!  These circles happen in the Los Angeles Area once or twice a month. Contact us for more details or follow us for event announcements on Facebook.

Sacred Space Healing Drumming Circles

A Sacred Space Healing Drumming Circle can be a powerful healing space that focuses on healing through curanderismo and energy healing techniques. It's a great opportunity for healers, Reiki practitioners, mediums, empaths and anybody that wants to learn, practice his or her energetic healing abilities and skills.  No experience is necessary.  During this event we are going to cover some basics of Curanderismo and Energy to get you going. 

"The wound is the place where the Light enters you." - Rumi

Healing Power Self-Care Circle 

Typically 6-8 circle/group sessions

A healing circle designed to build momentum and regain your holistic well-being  and for those who are emotional empaths (those who take on the emotions and feelings of others), who are overly sensitive to their environments, noise sensitivities, and those who want to learn more about their unique energy system and how to start thriving in their sensitivity. Emotional empathy is a gift, but when it is underdeveloped and misunderstood, it can feel like a burden and can affect one's physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. 

This circle Includes self-discovery work and deep inner work to clear out the blockages that prevent well-being.  This group process includes coaching, self-development & self-discovery work, breathing exercises, forgiveness work, energy work, energy clearing & release work, grounding exercises, energetic shielding, dream journey work, meditations and visualizations, visioning,  journaling & reading for expanding consciousness and awareness.  This circle is for those who are serious and ready to do whatever it takes to regain their holistic well-being and alignment.

Healing Power Teaching Circles 

Typically 8-12 group sessions, or as long as a group intends to work together & expand.


After participating in a Self-Care Healing Circle this Circle is the next step to continue personal expansion and momentum.  We continue learning and building on the learnings, skills, and empowerment from the Self-Care Healing Circle.  This circle is designed for those who are wanting to continue to holistically personally develop themselves, and who are seeking to find the passion, purpose and meaning in their lives. Those want to discover who they really are and what they really want out of life.  This circle is about understanding, learning about, accessing and using your personal power to create the life you dream and envision

Contributions & Energy Exchange

Your contributions are greatly appreciated and allow for this holistic practice to be sustainable and support the community.

Curanderismo and Energy healing sessions are offered on a set monetary contribution basis with a sliding scale

possibility if needed, and with an understanding that in the spirit of respect and reciprocity, those who

have more will offer more and those who have less, will give less. Make your contribution in a sincere manner.   


In certain individual situations, a barter/energy exchange (plus possible monetary contribution) can be

considered if the client demonstrates a sincere need.  Please speak to Ricardo when this need is present.  

Contact Ricardo to inquire regarding pricing and contributions, they are not posted intentionally.  

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