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Shamanism is an ancient spiritual and healing practice dating back 30,000-100,000 years.  It honors the energy of Spirit within us and around us. Core Shamanic practices have been practiced in every continent of the world.  It is believed that disharmony of mind, body and spirit is caused by social, psychological, environmental and physical factors.

Shamanism works with all that sustains life: the universe, the earth, the plants, the animals, as well as the four elements of life ~  water, air, fire and earth to restore harmony, as well as, re-establishes personal and social equilibrium.  Shamanic healing includes extraction of excessive energy blockages or intrusions,  cord cutting connections that no longer serve you,  energy balancing and alignment , soul retrieval, power animal retrieval, and opening energy channels as needed.

What is Shamanism?



During a session, Ricardo may use one, or a combination, of:  plàticas (heart-to-heart talks), prayers, soul retrieval, power animal retrieval, intrusion extraction, sacred instruments such as rattles, feathers, drums, candles, energy healing, hands-on-healing, sobadas (indigenous massage), crystals, copal incense, sage smudging, and aromatic healing waters, spray, and oils, egg limpias (the use of a raw egg  in its shell or crystal egg , to extract and shift energy in the auric field), and barridas and sweepings, with sacred plants such as romero (rosemary) and ruda (rue), so that stagnant blocked energy is released in order to promote well-being and a positive mental attitude.

Ricardo may also use breath, drumming, and song as part of your session. At times spiritual herbal baths and other healing/well-being tasks and healing ceremonies/rituals may be recommended such the burial of pictures, clothing or other items that may be associated with a traumatic event that is creating stress or unwanted conditions. These  

rituals are known to shift and realign energy patterns within the human energy field which can be a factor in  soul loss, power loss, intrusion, and illness.

Clients may experience release from emotional & energetic blockages and trauma that was experienced in childhood or later in life. Every session is unique and individualized to meet the needs of the client and his/her family. More than one session is usually suggested.


A client's willingness to do their part in this alignment process is essential to a long-term, and stable well-being outcome. Clients are usually given “homework tasks" consisting of specific actions and behavioral changes that support the work done together and build momentum in the alignment process.


You may be asked to bring special items with you to your session. Children and Youth under age 18 must be accompanied by their parent or legal guardian who must be present during the session.

Shamanic Coaching


Traditionally, the shamanic practitioner has worked in cooperation with the helping and guardian spirits on behalf of the client. Shamanic coaching is a method that restores spiritual power and personal responsibility to the individual through direct access to the wisdom of their own helping, compassionate spirit helpers or spirit/power animals. Clients are trained to journey to get answers to personal questions and help with problems in their daily lives. Shamanic coaching is a system of personal empowerment.


The shamanic practitioner acts as a facilitator, working one-to-one, to help clients establish their own relationships with 

their spirit guides. The practitioner-facilitator’s constant responsibility is to help clients acquire their own divination journeying skills and interpretations. This method can be remarkably effective in helping people assume and employ their own personal power in solving problems and answering important questions in their lives.

Shamanic Soul Remembering

The Shamanic Coaching process could involve soul remembering. Often, a life challenge or obstacle is that we have forgotten what we are supposed to be doing in this lifetime, our purpose. We feel a need or intense desire to be doing something—we just don’t know what. The shamanic technique used here is very similar to the soul retrieval, except that the shamanic practitioner journeys  for the client or coaches the individual to journey for themselves and connect to their true essence or spirit and brings back symbols or messages that the person can use to focus purpose, intentions and actions.


Home/Office Energetic Cleansing and Blessing


Shamanic Practitioners are often asked for help in the removal of stagnant or negative energy which may be negatively affecting an individuals health, the family's health, or the home or office -- this is a more advanced form of ceremony (ritual purification and blessing). If this is the case, Ricardo may conduct special cleansing and blessing ceremonies to purify and bless the client and/or the client's home/office.  This type of ceremony is recommended at least once a year, or after traumatic events such as a death in the family, chronic unexplained illnesses, addictions, or ongoing bad fortune/luck.

Soul Retrieval


The Soul Retrieval ceremony is an essential part of Shamanic healing.  Through trauma,  illness, or injury an individual may lose a piece of their vital essence, that we call the soul.  This soul loss is a defense mechanism of the soul.  The pain would be even greater if the person stayed whole during the trauma.  In Shamanic belief, this part goes into another reality (a non-ordinary reality or  Spirit world), often waiting for the call to come back and re-integrate with the person who experienced the soul loss.   


The ritual the Shamanic practitioner performs to bring these pieces back and restore them to the person is known as Soul Retrieval.   In modern psychology this fragmentation is known  as disassociation, there is acceptance and an acknowledgment of the loss, but there is no effort made to bring the pieces back.  


Some of the soul loss symptoms that may exhibit are extreme anxiety, chronic depression or fear, chronic illness, dissociation, aggression or just the feeling that one is scattered or feeling like they are not all here.


Through the ritual of a Soul Retrieval a person will experience a sense of wholeness and integration of self.  Remembering the trauma associated with the original soul loss is not required in Shamanic healing.  Only the integration and  honoring of the returning soul pieces  is necessary for the healing process.  


The Soul Retrieval process includes a Shamanic journey into non-ordinary reality.  The Shamanic practitioner goes into an altered state induced by shamanic drumming  and “journeys” to search for lost soul pieces that

want to return to the individual in need of soul integration and healing.  Upon return to ordinary reality the  Shamanic practitioner blows the returning soul pieces back into the person’s heart, into the top of their head, and back of their neck. When the ritual is completed the recipient’s work begins.  Integrating, processing and welcoming back those returned soul pieces facilitates healing into the whole, healthy and happy person we were created to be.


Extraction and Cord Cutting


An extraction is done to remove any unhelpful energy that enters the emptiness resulting from soul loss or power loss.  This

unhelpful or negative energy can create an environment that leads to disease: physical, emotional, and/or mental.   Extracting this negative energy restores the soul closer to its original true essence  and state of wholeness.  A Power Animal Retrieval and/or Soul Retrieval  could be indicated if needed for the person to truly be wholly integrated and aligned.

Typical symptoms of power loss may be chronic depression, chronic illness, addiction or chronic misfortune. The shaman journeys to look for a guardian spirit animal who is willing to come and give power to this person again restoring balance and harmony. The person may also be given specific advice on how to honor and deepen the ties that link him or her to the wise, loving helpers who have accepted responsibility for his or her care.


As we go through our life and our experiences we become connected to people, places, and things.  In Shamanic belief this connection extends to people, places, and things in non-ordinary reality as well as the here and now.  During a Shamanic state of consciousness the practitioner can see the cords making the connections.  Cutting and clearing away  the cords that are unhelpful and binding in detrimental ways allows the person to adjust behavioral patterns and move forward in life.


Power Loss and Power Animal Retrieval

Another cause of personal misalignment and conflict could be personal power loss. Each of us has a power animal or guardian spirit that protects us and assists us with gifts, talents and strengths. Power animals will assist us with our life’s lessons but they may leave us for various reasons causing a loss of personal power.

Contributions & Energy Exchange

Your contributions are greatly appreciated and allow for this holistic practice to be sustainable and support the community.

Curanderismo and Shamanic healing sessions are offered on a set monetary contribution basis with a sliding scale

possibility if needed, and with an understanding that in the spirit of respect and reciprocity, those who

have more will offer more and those who have less, will give less. Make your contribution in a sincere manner. 

In this way the circle is complete and everyone experiences the blessings generated by your contribution.  


In certain individual situations, a barter/energy exchange (plus possible monetary contribution) can be

considered if the client demonstrates a sincere need.  Please speak to Ricardo when this need is present.  

Contact Ricardo to inquire regarding pricing and contributions, they are not posted intentionally.  

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